Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I got me a car, it's as big as a whale and we're headin' on down To the Love Shack I got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20 So hurry up and bring your jukebox money

Quick Hit

“Love Shack”, The B-52s (1989)

O.K. Well after yesterdays very heavy blog I decided to keep it light. Music is mostly about just enjoying it. It is not much fun to analyse it to death. I like to know about it so that it helps me explore and find new things that I like. I always remember it is about how it makes you feel.

I had a 1975 Mercury Monarch with manual transmission - yes a weird car I agree and it only sat about 6. When “The B-52s” first came out in 1979 I played it on my 8-track player non-stop.

So the story goes – After sharing a couple of ‘flaming volcano’ drinks at a local Chinese restaurant the original band played an impromptu jam session and the B-52s were born.  The name is derived from the certain style of beehive hairdo the girls have that resemble the nosecone of the B-52 aircraft.  

The B-52s formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 1976. They are best known for Fred Sneider’s almost talking/singing and the call-response with the female members Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson. If you were having a pool party and had the money, this is the band you would hire.  I am sure they have some pretty wild stories of parties they played at. I always like the pounding beats and just the sheer lack of seriousness to their songs.  When I saw them live once, everyone danced and everyone, including the band, seemed like they were enjoying themselves immensely.

The non-stop party hits like “Rock Lobster”, “52 Girls”, “ Planet Claire”, “Cosmic Thing”, “Own Private Idaho”, “Roam” and their best selling “Love Shack” are irresistible fun.

 Gawd I sound like a K-Tel Commercial!

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B-52s rule man!